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Your tutoring service was a LIFE SAVER. Even though my husband has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, we’re 1,100 miles away from our daughter and even he didn’t explain concepts as well as your tutor. While close to 1/2 of the class dropped out, she was able to finish the semester with a very high B.

Judith 20/01/2020

Great tutoring service My daughter used the tutoring service for her chem final and she said it really helped her. Had I known about it earlier, we would have done more sessions throughout the semester. An affordable option to help, MUCH cheaper than having to repeat a course.

Mary 18/01/20

Thank you for helping! My son passed his chem 115 final and the class. He already plans on using them for Chem 116.

Lorie 14/01/20

My daughter was struggling a lot with her chem classes at the beginning of the school year. Janine and her team made sure she was confident going into her final exams and passing the class. Highly recommended!

Bethany 13/01/20

I got an 88% on my chem exam, which is the best I’ve done on my tests yet!! Thank you so much for your help!!

Abby 17/12/19

Hello Janine, I was wondering if there are any open spots this weekend into Tuesday next week. I think the last session we had really helped and wanted to try and sign up for 2 (possibly 3) more sessions. Any availability you have would be awesome!

Sean 05/01/19

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