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Bachelor’s Degree in Biology

Biology | Chemistry | Mathematics

Prior to becoming a full-time educator, I pursued extensive studies in life and chemical sciences, and I have been rigorously trained to teach biology, chemistry, and mathematics both at the high school and university level. When it comes to helping my students, I am remembered for always putting my students first to get them ahead. With technology within our reach, I aim to leverage it as a tool to make learning math and science more engaging, interactive, and accessible; in hopes of increasing math and science literacy beyond classroom walls!


Bachelor of Science

Chemistry | Mathematics

¡Hola, my name is Marco! I graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. Although my major is chemistry, I actually find myself spending most of the time studying math rather than chemistry! During high school, I loved both math and physics, so I chose chemistry, which to me seemed like the middle ground between them. Outside of teaching, I like to take pictures of nature, play badminton, and watch Netflix. As an educator, I believe it is important to learn something new everyday. Recently, I have been learning Spanish. ¡El conocimiento es poder!


PhD in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

Mathematics | Chemistry

My name is Ifeoma Nwigwe Obiora. I have a PhD in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University. I truly enjoy interacting with students, and I have had the privilege to teach students at many academic levels (elementary to collegiate/graduate level). My teaching experience began as a student tutor at Douglass College, Rutgers University where I tutored many of my peers. During my time at Yale University, I tutored and taught at both the collegiate and high school level, and finally as a lecturer in Nigeria I have had the pleasure of training both undergraduate and graduate students.


Bachelors of Mathematics


I earned my bachelor's degree and I will complete my masters in math at the University of Minnesota. I'm interested in many areas of math, including calculus, linear algebra and discrete math. My main focus is on ordinary differential equations and I love helping students gain a better understanding of it. In my view, math is a fascinating subject which can be found everywhere in our daily lives. Did you know that there is an intrinsic math connection between a Kaleidoscope and a snowflake? Photography and dancing are my ways of enjoying life. You should definitely visit Minnesota one day, because it has so many beautiful lakes!


Masters Degree in Physics

Physics | Mathematics

Hi, my name is Garrett! I grew up in the south Chicagoland area and attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I majored in Engineering Physics and minored in Mathematics. I then spent some time as a researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California before travelling to Penn State University to earn a master's in Physics. Now, I'm back in Chicago working as a freelance data scientist and tutor. I aim to recreate this positive and motivating environment with all of my students. In my free time, I enjoy playing the tuba, cooking, and spending time with my 18 year old cat, Asher.


Masters in Medical Biophysics

Chemistry | Biology

I graduated from the University of Waterloo and did my Masters at the University of Toronto, where I studied how a fat storage organelle is controlled in cells. In my spare time, I love to consume all of the interesting food across the city of Toronto and I am constantly traveling across the world to sample different cuisines. Perhaps that’s also a reason why I studied fat storage? Keeping me company at home is my adorable Bengal cat, who is now almost 7 years old! While I hate to leave her, occasionally I step outside to play basketball in my co-ed team league.


Masters Degree in Statistics

Mathematics | Statistics

My name is Nnamdi. I am a doctoral student at the University of Arkansas where I am pursuing a degree in Educational Statistics. I have a master's degree in Statistics from Montana State University (MSU). I have taught several introductory statistics and college algebra classes. I won two teaching awards as a graduate teaching assistant at MSU. Besides teaching and research, I enjoy hiking and soccer. I’m also a keen follower of world politics.


Bachelor's Degree in Policy Analysis

Economics | SAT Preparation

I graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor's degree in Policy Analysis and Management and minors in both Business and Applied Economics. I will also be starting at Harvard Law School in the fall! In my studies, I spent a lot of time learning and applying microeconomic/macroeconomic principles to real-world scenarios. I started teaching from a very young age, having worked as an SAT instructor, a teaching assistant, and as a private tutor. Outside of teaching, I enjoy fitness and cooking and I'm looking forward to working with you!


Masters of Technology

Physics | Mathematics | Engineering

I am an instrumentation engineer and I have completed my masters in energy studies. I love to teach while making an impact on young minds and finding the best ways to guide my students to reach their academic goals. I have completed my Masters degree from one of the highest-ranked university in India in engineering and one of the top 150 universities in the world. I’ve had a lot of experience helping high school students as well as college students with Mathematics (Calculus I & II), Physics, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.


Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering

Mathematics | Chemistry

Hey there! My name is Younes! I graduated from a school overseas with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture, but that has nothing to do with my love for science like Chemistry and Biology. I decided to move to the USA 4 years ago to follow my dreams and my passion for something related to the medical field. Therefore, I started a major in Biomedical Engineering; which is a new field of engineering. I have been teaching and tutoring chemistry and math subjects online and in person since I moved to the USA. I love anything related to science and math because I feel like everything around us is based on those two fields. Outside of  teaching, I like to read science, motivation and personnel development books, meditate, watch Netflix and cooking which is my top one favorite hobby!


Pursuing Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry


I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at the University of Toronto, and I have been teaching at the university for 8 years. I always have a passion for assisting students to achieve their academic goals and guiding them through the difficult time. Being an educator in OneClass not only allows me to interact with students outside of the classroom, but also deepen the bonding between educators and students.


Pursuing major in Mathematics for Education

Mathematics | Chemistry 

Hi, my name is Nishtha. I’m a Mathematics and Chemistry undergraduate student enrolled in a teaching program at York University. I have always loved science and my passion for helping others has driven me to become a teacher. I really want to help students reach their academic goals while also enjoying the subjects. I know that math and science are often scary to students and I wish to change this perspective through teaching in a more interactive way. I strive to create a positive learning environment where students feel comfortable to ask questions. I’ve had experience teaching Highschool students a variety of math and science courses. Apart from teaching, I love to read, paint and cook.


Bachelors in Computer Science

Math | Computer Science |  Economics 

My name is Bimala. I graduated from University of California, Davis with a major in Computer Science and minor in Managerial Economics.I had originally started with General Engineering as my major in the first two years of my college, and later realized I like to code more than anything else as it allows to understand how things work and solve more complex challenges. I strongly believe in the power of education and most importantly the power of teachers in making an impact on student's lives. I have more than three years of teaching experience with students ranging from six years old to sixty and grade ranging from one to Bachelors. My motivation for teaching comes from my passion to enable students solving problems and help them think analytically.
Outside of my work, I love to solve coding challenges and learn about the latest technologies, I also love to hike, write and spend time in nature.


Currently in 3rd Year Biochemistry

Mathematics | Chemistry

My name is Amanda Ratto and I am a current student at the University of Waterloo. I'm studying Biochemistry, I have a strong passion for learning and teaching which is why I love being a tutor. I have achieved excellent standing throughout all of my years of University thanks to dedication and hard work, I wish to share this energy with all my students. With experience through various tutor companies I hope to share my knowledge and help my students understand their school material and achieve their goals. Overall, tutoring is an amazing experience that I enjoy to the fullest! Being able to be someone to help anyone out and watch them succeed is the greatest thing in the world.


Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mathematics | Chemistry

Hey! My name is Navdeep, I did my Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Queen's University, Kingston where I took some Math intensive courses in signal processing and electronics. It was during this time I discovered the real beauty of Mathematics and found out how eloquently the Mathematical proofs translate to real life. I have taught Math and Chemistry to high school students before at an academy in Barrie, Ontario specializing in algebra, advanced calculus, organic and physical chemistry, and absolutely loved the job. I am very passionate about helping young minds discover the beauty of science and understand the concepts clearly. Apart from academics, I love to bike, hike and cook tasty Indian curries 


Master’s in Forensic Science


Hello! My name is Sheema, and I have taught a variety of different subjects over the past 14 years to both high school and university students. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from McGill University, have 2 Master’s degrees, and I am a qualified secondary school teacher. At McGill, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Anatomy and Cell Biology. I received my Master’s in Forensic Science from Marshall University in West Virginia, and I graduated with a Master’s in Arts in Applied Linguistics from Newcastle University in England. I have taught the following courses: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medical Terminology, Physiology, and College Algebra, to first year university students in South Korea, over the past 5 years. I have also taught Math and Science subjects to high school students in my hometown in Canada. I’ve lived in 5 different countries and have traveled to almost 45 different countries in my life so far. I love learning, so your questions are important, for me, to be a better teacher for you. My motto is that if you have questions, ask them! The more collaboration there is between you and me in your learning, the better you will do in your classes. When I am not teaching, I like to study other languages, go skydiving, watch French and British TV shows, and chat with friends. I hope to hear from you soon, so that we can begin your learning adventure together!


Working on Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science

Math | Computer Science

Hi, my name is Tom and I'm from Avon, CT. I intend to graduate from Bowdoin College, a liberal arts school in Brunswick, ME, in May 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. I've had experience tutoring students for SAT, ACT, math, and computer science over the past four years. I've worked with students in middle school up through undergraduates. In my free time I like to play ultimate frisbee and pickup basketball, read, watch TV, and play with my two golden retrievers, Callie and Daisy.


Bachelor of Education

Chemistry | English

I received my teaching degree from the University of Ottawa and come from a long line of teachers. I have a passion for teaching that stems from my own happy experiences in school as a young child. I try to make learning math and science as fun and as applicable to everyday life as possible. My aim is not just to help my students achieve the correct answers but to guide them and help them achieve their own process of figuring out difficult questions so that when I am not helping them they feel confident in their own abilities to tackle any problems that may arise. I bring a calm and positive attitude to all of my students. I look forward to working with you.