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Our Teaching Philosophy

Great students don’t usually become great on their own. They need a solid support network of amazing teachers and a supportive environment to facilitate effective learning. We are educators who believe in actively listening to students and continuously adjusting so that we can meet their needs. It is our number one mission to figure out our students’ motivation to learn, and to work with them to figure out a learning plan to get them to where they want to go. Learning shouldn’t stop the moment our lesson is over. We want to inspire our students to be curious, to seek out answers and to aspire to continuously better themselves.

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Our Teaching Methods

a screenshot of a discord chat which is a platform that janine the tutor uses to teach and tutor her students.
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Our Promise and Guarantee

Our Requirement for Parents

⦾ Students in good academic standing (80%+) must agree to commit to one session per week following the school year.

⦾ Students below 75% must agree to attend two sessions a week for 4 weeks initially or until the student’s grade improves.

⦾ Students below 60% must agree to attend three sessions a week for 4 weeks initially or until the student’s grade improves.

⦾ Students/parents aiming for a 95% average (med schools/professional programs/scholarship) must attend a minimum of one session per week for a minimum of 6 months.

We are currently accepting new students based on setting realistic expectations with the parents first and foremost. 

If you are able to agree to the above guidelines, please provide us with a few details about your child, their current mark, grade, your name, and phone number. You’ll receive a reply from us within 12 hours or less.


Samantha always dreaded her in-class math quizzes. They used to make her really anxious. After a few classes with Janine, she is now a lot more confident, and she recently got her first perfect mark!

Samantha’s mom (Grade 11 student)

My son is a really hard-working student, but for some reason, he always struggled with Chemistry, ever since Grade 11. Janine was able to take very complicated subjects and explain everything in such a way that it was a lot more approachable. It took time and a lot of hard work, but J.B. ended up finishing Chemistry 12 with one of the highest grades in his class. Thanks so much Janine!

J.B’s mom (Grade 12 student)

Just wanted to express my gratitude to Janine because she helped our daughter develop a passion for chemistry and physics. She’s a lot more interested in her studies now and she’s doing really well in 3 out of 4 of her classes in school

Janelle’s mom (Grade 11 student)
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